Korea University Department of Psychology

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Graduate Curriculum
Core Courses Culture and Society Psychology Industrial and Organizational Psychology Consumer and Advertising Psychology Clinical and Counseling Psychology Behavioral and Cognitive
Advanced Psychological Statistics Applied Social Psychology Competency Modeling Seminar in Consumer Psychology I Research in Clinical and Counseling Psychology I Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience I
Advanced Experimental Design Cultural Psychology Compensation Popular Culture and Consumer Psychology Psychological Assessment Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience II
Psychological Survey Method Social Cognition Economic Psychology Career Development Cognitive Therapy Applied Cognitive Neuroscience
Multivariate Analysis Cross-Cultural Psychology Practicum in Industrial Field Leisure Consumption Theory Career Counseling Research Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience
Brain, Mind, Human Behavior Community Psychology Psychology Test and Personnel Selection Consumer Psychology and Marketing Psychodiagnosis Advanced Biopsychology
Professional Issues in Mind, Brain, and Psychological Science Family Psychology Organizational Psychology Introduction Seminar in Advertising Psychology I Psychological Assessment Advanced Learning Theory
  Positive Psychology Advanced Personnel Psychology Advertising and Persuasive Communication Projective Assessment Psychopharmacology
  Social Psychology Job Motivation Neuro-Marketing
and Consumer Psychology
Developmental Psychopathology Neuroanatomy
  Psychology of Group Human Resources Development Practice in Consumer Trend Analysis Psychopathology학 Methods in Behavioral Neuroscience
  Psychology of Crime Psychology of Leadership Method in Consumer Psychology I Group Therapy Assessment and Analysis of Animal Behavior
  Psychology of Conflict and Negotiation Work Stress Practice in Qualitative Research Methods for Consumer Psychology Psychotherapy and Advanced Counseling Theory Behavioral Genetics
  Psychology of Development Outcome of Organizational Behavior Theory and Practice in Measuring Advertising Effectiveness Health Psychology Clinical Neuroscience
  Social Perception and Judgement Advanced Psychometrics Consumer Decision Making Advanced Personality Psychology Psychophysiology
  Advanced Applied Social Psychology Team Performance Psychology of Entertainment Practicum in Clinical Psychology I Neuropsychology
  Seminar in Advanced Cultural Psychology Method of Test Construction Environment and Consumption Culture Practicum in Clinical Psychology II Applied Electroencephalography
  Culture and Personality Seminar in Managerial Psychology Analysis of Consumer Addiction Seminars in Marital Therapy Language Acquisition
  Asian-Korean Psychology Seminar in Personnel Psychology Consumer Psychology and Brand Management Seminars in Cognitive Disorders Mental Processes of Foreign Language Comprehension and Production
  Psychology of Religion Seminar in Organizational Psychology Engineering of Consumer Emotion Seminars in Affective Disorders Neuroimaging Analysis Technique
  Reunification and Psychology Organizational Design and Development Seminar in Advertising Psychology II Seminars in Development and Validation of Clinical Measues Advanced Cognitive Psychology
  Psychology and Law Strategic Human Resources Management Seminar in Consumer Psychology II Seminars in Multidisciplinary Studies of Mind, Brain, an Behavior Sensation and Perception
  Psychology of Social Policy Organizational Behavior Analysis Method in Consumer Psychology II Seminars in Personality Disorders Psychology of Movement Control
    Performance Appraisal Design and Purchase Behavior Seminars in Supervision Spoken Language Processing
    Job Evaluation Digital Media and Consumer Behavior Seminars in Group Therapy Psychology of Decision Making
    Organizational Communications   Research in Clinical and Counseling II Theories of Attention
    Assessment Center   Methodology in Clinical Psychology Psychology of Language
    Organizational Culture   Special Topics in Psychotherapy Emotion and Cognition
    Advanced Personnel Selection   Special Topics in Counseling Psychology Visual Neuroscience
    Advanced Test Theory   Advanced Clinical and Counseling Practicum I Neuroeconomics
    Organizational Innovation   Advanced Clinical and Counseling Practicum II Social Neuroscience
    Psychology of Information Security   Advanced Field Practicum I Seminar in Perception
        Advanced Field Practicum II