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Career After Graduating from the Department of Psychology

Many graduates of Korea University’s Department of Psychology are working actively in various fields. The fields are varied, including corporations and the industry (e.g. general conglomerates, finance, consulting/research), education (e.g. university professor), public enterprise, hospitals and consulting organizations and research institutes.

High number of students is pursuing higher education in graduate school as psychology experts with bachelors in psychology. Examples of those specializing in psychology segmented in various segmented fields are as follows.

심리학 진로
Expert in clinical psychology in medical institutions as hospitals

Lee Won Hye

Lee Won Hye
Ministry of Health and Welfare, Section Chief at Seoul National Hospital (Professional Secretary)
(Bachelors in 1996, Masters in 1998, Doctorate in 2009 )
“Belief in human growth learned through psychology, and professional quality, ethics and social responsibility as a clinical psychologist brought me here.”
Expert counselor and counseling expert in education institutes

Eom Jeong Hye

Eom Jeong Hye
Resident counselor at Sogang University’s Student Life Counseling Research Institute
(Masters in 2012)
“I wanted to give systematic help to people through actual meetings, not books, and I was able to have that experience in advance through sessions at Korea University’s student counseling research institute.”
Research Institute

Heo Jin Jae

Heo Jin Jae
Director at Korea Gallup
(Bachelors in 1992)
“Research starts from the understanding of people and the behavior of people… Everything learned in psychology was valuable.”
Pharmaceutical company

Bang Min Hee

Bang Min Hee
SK Biofarm senior researcher
(’06 Bachelor’s , ’08 Master’s)
“My job is to do a non-clinical behavioral experiment of animal to develop a new drug. I believe my psychological background nourished an ability to analyze the behavior of human and animal.”
Human Resource consulting

Kin Sung Hun

Kin Sung Hun
Center for Talent Decisions, Kin & Jang Law Firm
(’92 Bachelor’s, ’92 Master’s, ’00 Doctorate)
“When I started my career, Psychology major was very scarce. Logical ability and problem-solving skills that was adopted from the courses such as Psychological Statistics and Methodology differentiated my stance in the first place. Especially, I could approach unfamiliar issues with ease comparing to the other specialists due to the knowledge and experience of Methodology. I also believe that I could view problems with different perspective under the background of knowledge of Personality Psychology, Social Psychology and Developmental Psychology, which all helps to run Human Resource consulting.”
UX Designer

Kim Su Min

Kim Su Min
LG UX department researcher
(‘11 Bachelor’s, ’13 Master’s)
“I was curious about the cognitive process between stimulus and response during my training period in University. I believe the curiosity has led me to the field of UX.”

Kim Woo seok

Kim Woo seok
Samsung Electronics, Head of Marketing department
(‘04 Bachelor’s)
“Psychology has given me the frame and solution of marketing which is basically to create added value with scientific methods and insights about consumers.”


Lee Il Ho
TBWA Korea copywriter
(02 Bachelor’s , `04 Master’s)
“Psychology teaches wisdom and perspective to see the mind of consumers while the other related area teaches skills. If you want to work in this filed, I strongly recommend you to become a psychologist first.”