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Research Areas

The Cultural and Social Psychology program at Korea University offers expectation-exceeding research and academic experiences and is the only existing program in South Korea to incorporate cultural and social psychology. We welcome and accept research diversity in our graduate students, exploring broad topics including Korean psychology, cross-cultural psychology, social cognition, personality psychology, and forensic psychology. Under three professors’ supervision, various research projects have been conducted in the Cultural and Social Psychology program at Korea University.

The Cultural and Social Psychology

Prof. Taekyun Hur

Prof. Taekyun Hur

Social psychology (social cognition and culture), Counterfactual thinking and regret, Social judgement illusion, Cultural thinking processes, Risk-taking behaviors, Legal judgements

The team has been interested in socio-cognitive psychology, which is a branch of social psychology. Their research projects have focused on social judgements, misconceptions, and counterfactual thinking. Recently, they have started to proceed a variety of social psychological research not only on the ways of thinking which is distinctive from culture to culture, but also the roles of cognitive dissonance in legal judgements and some psychological implications of leisure in modern society.

Prof. Sun W. Park

Prof. Sun W. Park

Social/personality psychology, self-growth motivation, materialism, self, narcissism, creativity

Major interests of the research team lie at self-growth motivation and narcissism as main factors describing people in modern society. While self-growth motivation is regarded as a type of pursuing one’s genuine self-image, narcissism is rather from a pursuit of one’s self-image superior to others. The team is interested in the difference of social achievement and psychological well-being resulting from the self-organization strategy which is used to pursue each goal. They also deal with other themes such as sympathy, social comparison, prejudice, and creativity.


Prof. Eunsoo Choi

Social psychology, Cultural psychology, emotion and well-beling, altruism

Psychological processes including emotional and cognitive processes are shaped in cultureal contexts. I study how cultural self, norms, and beliefs interact with individuals' psychological processes from a cross-cultural perspective. I am particularly interested in the adaptive functioning of individuals in interaction with the surrounding cultural milieu. For future research, I am planning on focusing on the psychological and physical health of diverse individuals and groups in Korean society (o.e. immigrants, inter-racial groups).