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Research Areas

The Consumer & Advertising Psychology Laboratory(CAPTAIN) at Korea University is dedicated to research on variety of psychology, consumer behavior, advertising, brand personality, self-concept, consumer-brand relationships, brand placement, and marketing communication issues. Our research is devoted to improving our understanding of consumer behavior from psychological, behavioral, and cultural perspectives, and our goal is for these findings to provide guidance in developing theories and in improving consumer well-being, Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have regarding us, or our research.

The Consumer & Advertising Psychology

Prof. Yongjun Sung

Prof. Yongjun Sung

Advertising, Brand Personality, Consumer-brand Relationship, Cross-cultural Consumer Psychology

The research topics of the team cover a variety of fields in consumer & advertisement psychology including advertising, brand personality, consumer-brand relationship and cross-cultural consumer psychology. Their goal is to understand how persuasion takes place in terms of branding and advertising. They have contributed to advertisers, marketers, consumer psychologists and policy makers by providing meaningful implications and worked to enhance consumers’ well-being.