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Research Institute

Professional research institutes are
in operation within the KU Psychology Department.
Behavioral Science Research Center

This research center was established on July 10th, 1968, for the purpose of carrying out behavioral science research and training. For the past 40 years, this facility has provided practical psychological knowledge, training, and new job opportunities for the advancement of the Korean society. As result, the research center has produced proud legacies, such as the Standard Korean Colors and the Korean keyboard. Also, the center has provided a professional workforce to various academic and industrial fields.

Since 2010, the center has rededicated itself to training future-oriented “Convergent Human Resources” in order to meet the needs of the times. To suit its purpose, the center has invited domestic and foreign scholars and hosted seminars, academic symposiums, colloquiums for graduate with the government, industry, and academia. As result, our graduates have published research papers in respected journals and obtained several patents. As a result, many industries and academic fields welcome our graduates.

TEL : +82-2-3290-1636Homepage : http://psybsr.korea.ac.kr
Wisdom Science Center

In preparation for the informationalization of and aging of future society. Korea University’s Wisdom Science Center was established in order to scientifically quantify wisdom and develop wisdom education or social adjustment programs. The ultimate aim of the center is to improve national competitiveness and quality of life through ‘Wisdom Korea’, by establishing an academic basis for creating a wise society. The center’s main interest ‘Wisdom Science’, includes high level subjects such as ‘Wisdom’ or ‘the cultivation of human nature,’ as well as more traditional subjects, such as ‘sensation’ or ‘information processing.’ To achieve this goal, the center has developed theories, interactive social interfaces, and pursued complementary and circulatory strategies for social implementation. The approaches that have been used include, philosophical problem deduction, cognitive neuroscience, case studies, correlation of events, and more. In addition, the center studies the facilitations and degenerations of sensation, perception, cognition, and wisdom. Through field case studies and pure scientific experiments the center seeks to create self-development and social adjustment programs by applying accumulated study results.

TEL : +82-2-3290-2548E-mail : coglab.ku@gmail.com Homepage : http://wisdeomscience.korea.ac.kr
KU Mind Health Institute

Korea University’s Mind Health Institute (KUMHI) was established in 2005. The KUMHI is dedicated to studying various mental health issues, developing an evidence-based practice model, and providing evidence-based treatments and assessments for adolescent, adults, couples and families. Professional counselors trained in clinical psychology provide individual, couple and group conseling, comprehensive psychological assessment services, advanced psychotherapy education programs, and consultations to a relevant third party including corporations, law firms, and Seoul City.

TEL : +82-2-3290-1676Homepage : www.couple119.net